The Art Greenhouse 2019

2019 season

Soft Cuddly
May 9th
9 am to 4 pm

Who wouldn't love a cuddly in their lives. This workshop centers around the design and construction of a soft, stuffed cuddly. The very young, very old, and anyone in between would love to receive a special little friend. We will be designing and making one to give or keep.

all materials included $45.
Feel free to bring a favorite textile or embellishment to give your cuddly special meaning.

Silk Screen techniques
May 30
9 am to 4 pm



Deconstructed silk screens

Wax motifs on silk screens

All materials except fabric will be provided including silk screens to use or new ones to purchase.

June 6
9am to 4 pm

The possibilities are endless. We will be working on plant based fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, etc. Also there will be materials available for silks and synthetics if you wish. 

Below is silk batik

Two sided batiks - YES!

All materials will be provided except the fabric. No limit to how many pieces you want to create.

MidSummer Maine  
First Workshop June 20, 21, 22
Second Workshop July 18, 19, 20
Workshop hours 9 am to 5 pm
$150.  plus $35. materials fee
Cloth books formatted in concertina, banner or scroll
Free motion sketches over fabric collage
(Photos soon)
Lunch is included for the three day workshop. 

Silk Scarves

July 11
9 am - 4 pm

We will be working with silk scarves and there will be time to make at least two during the workshop. More will be available for purchase. Nothing shows you care more than a handmade gift.

Shibori in process above and finished scarf below.

Paste Paper

July 25
8 am - 12 noon

This will be a short workshop creating beautiful paste paper to be used creating covers for books (see below) or as vessels for tea lights or small decorative boxes.

All materials provided $35.

Book construction

August 8
9am to 4 pm

Book construction can become quite addictive so you have been warned. We will be making an accordion book, Pamphlet style book and a Coptic stitched spine book will 160 pages for use as a journal or sketchbook. The paper used in the sketchbook will accept all media including water.

Use your paste paper or paste paper provided to cover and construct book forms. 

Accordion Book

Student books below and all first time book binders!


All materials included

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

August 22
9 am to 4 pm

These first four photos are indigo shibori on rayon infinity scarves.

One rayon infinity scarf or Habotai scarf will be included in the workshop fee. More will be available to purchase.

Bring your own fabric or white clothing for the indigo vat. Spend the entire day dyeing as there will be two vats ready at 9 am. Dip as many as you would like. You can also bring "failed" pieces to over dye in indigo.

The scarf above is Habotai silk and there will more available to buy. These make terrific gifts if you can bear to part with them.

Bring your own fabric. One rayon or Habotai infinity scarf included.
Additonal scarves: 
Rayon $6. (21.5 X 77)
Habotai $6.50 (14 X 72)
Crepe de Chine $10.00 (14 X 72)

The Maine Event 2019  
September 11, 12, 13
Workshop hours 9am to 5 pm
$200. (all supplies included)

This year marks our 9th Maine Event in Searsport. This is a jam packed weekend starting with all day dyeing on Thursday. We have indigo vats open and available all weekend as well as instruction in various Shibori techniques to create amazing pieces.

This year we will be using soy wax mixed with MX dyes processed with steam on silk, linen and all plant based fibers. This is a process originated by Jane Dunnewold and the results are amazing.

We will also learn"Sloppy Monoprinting". I learned this technique from Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan.

Sloppy Monoprinting

Lunch is included all three days and a dinner Saturday night is also available for anyone who wishes for $10. A show and tell will follow the Saturday night dinner and everyone is welcomed to attend and show their work.

Printing with Interfacing Stencils with Dye on Fabric

September 26
9 am to 4 pm

We will be making interfacing stencils which we will use to achieve color variants on plant based fibers using dyes. 


All materials included except fabric

Spirit Dolls
October 4th
Workshop hours 9 am to 4 pm
$40. ( all materials included)

This is a fun workshop where you can pull out all the stops and make dolls to reflect your spirit. Heads can be formed from air-dry clay or fabric.

All materials included

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